PLAKAT is a alternative movie poster editor based in Paris and founded by Paul Bijaoui in 2018.

While studying in San Francisco, he discovered the incredible posters of the Mondo Gallery.

“The first time I saw these posters I just fell in love with the concept. You need to have them under your eyes to understand the power of those pieces of art work”

Why don’t we see those beautiful movie posters in the streets anymore ?

At Plakat, we don’t have the answer but we have the solution !

We work with the studios, movie directors, producers and strive to create unique pieces of art to pay tribute to the movies we love.

We believe combining art and cinema has something magic. We hope you like our posters as much as we do.

“Creating a unique and exquisite object - this is our only obsession”


Every poster is screen-printed in a small workshop. Layer after layer painting is going through special silk screens and laid on paper.

Each poster is minutely checked one after the other to make sure we obtain the finest details.

This technic offers an incredible render one could never obtain with modern numeric printers.

The swathes of colours are incredibly vivid. The thickness and generous quantity of painting gives to the art work an exceptionnal texture once you have it in your hands.

To make sure no reproduction will be ever be made and testify of the authenticty, each poster is signed and numbered by the artist.

Once they are sold-out count on us to make sure it won’t ever be printed again !