Paris, Texas / Sunrise - Wim Wenders

Paris, Texas / Sunrise - Wim Wenders


Exclusive movie poster under official licence with ARGOS FILMS

Original creation by Dan McCarthy

6 colours - Screen-printed on 280g Fedrigoni paper

Size 59,7 x 88,8 cm / 23,5 x 34,9”

Limited edition of 120 numbered copies

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Paris, Texas is a very special movie for us. Through the incredible story of this family and the performance of the actors, we are plunged for more than 2 hours in this desertic and magnificent set.

Robby Müller was able to create on the set such an incredible palette of colours and atmospheres that simply stay in our mind for ever.

We thought creating 3 different posters representing 3 times of the day was a beautiful reference to this “road-movie”. 6 layers printed manually were necessary to create this exquisite piece of art.

Hidden references and secrets of the movie are included in very small details of the poster, will you be able to find them all ?